The Land Of Rutas / Kumari Kandam / Mu / Lemuria existed in the Indian Ocean

This is continuation to the articles : Submerged Islands , Lost Continents and Ancient Civilizations : Myth or Reality? Part 1 and Part 2 please read before going further.

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The Rutas has been described in the Vedas and other religious texts as ” The Land Of Fire” or the land of Sun Worshippers. It is also known as Jambu Dwipa in some texts . It is described to have existed along the Eastern Coast of India and was submerged by a the high tides which is likely to have occured during the period of the end of the last glacial cycle i.e between 12000-8000 BC .

At present , the Saura / Sabara tribes along the eastern coast of India in Coastal Odisha worship the Sun as their clan deity . It is believed that the Worship of Sun God at Konark dates back before recorded history and has also been described in Mythological texts such as the Mahabharata. The present temple is 800 years old but the worship of Sun God is as old as it can be. There are also local fables or stories of their ancestors getting washed away by the sea and few people surviving.

So , the Saura / Sabara people could be descendants of the people from the “Land Of Rutas” .

The Kumari Kandam in Tamil Sangam literature is described to be in South Eastern part of Indian Subcontinent and could be the same landmass which was submerged in the sea. Two Sangam councils of Tamil Scholars are believed to have been held in Kumari Kandam before it was submerged.
The linguistic similarity between Dravidian languages , Indigeneous languages of Indonesia , Phillipines and the languages of aborigines of New Zealand and Australia and the fact that they are together classified as Austro-Asiatic languages is a striking evidence that they must have had common ancestors.

The Mayan Civilization of Central America which is said to be one of the most advanced civilization in the past have lots of similarities in modes of worship and religios practices with that of the Indian Subcontinenet and South Asian Islands. The Mayans too worshipped The Sun God as their primary deity. The Mayans also have a Time cycle of Creation and Destruction of 26000 years which matches with the Glacial cycle . This time cycle was wrongly interpreted and thought to end in 2012.

The Easter Island located in the middle of Pacific Ocean has gigantic statues built by the “RapaNui ” which baffle historians about how and why they were bulit. There are few inscriptions near the statues. They are yet to be decoded but an independent researcher has said they are quite similar to the insciptions found at Mohenjodaro. The script of Mohenjodaro has also not yet been deciphered but analogies have been found with the Brahmi Lipi which is the ancestor of several scripts used in India , Central Asia , South East Asia and Australia. So, the Rapa Nui people could be descendants of the people of the same landmass who traveled eastward after the catastrophe

Brahmic Scripts

Map of  the spread of Brahmic Scripts or scripts derived from Brahmi

The Sindhu-Saraswati Valley (Indus Valley) Civilization is estimated to have reached it’s prime by 4000 BC with flourishing cities and trade . It is believed that this civilization was established by dravidians. So, it can be inferred that this civilization was established by people of the same submerged landmass who travelled further into the landmass moving from the coastal areas to the river plains.

Remants old Civilazations have also been found across the Indo Gangetic plains and across the Eastern coast of Indian subcontinent.

The Lemuria which is argued to be a landmass connecting Indian Subcontinent with the Madasgar in the past although it is not accepted by main stream geologists . It is possible that few islands or bigger landmasses could have existed between India and Africa which were submerged. Recently , large landmasses such as that of Mauritia near Maurtius and the Kergulean Plateau have been discovered.

Similar analogy can also be found about other fabled landmasses such as Atlantis .

There are few other startling facts and findings which I cannot write due to obvious reasons.

It is my request to everyone to think , read and research about our planet and our history beyond what is taught in mainstream studies. You will be amazed to find intriguing and interesting stuff which will make you think that what you have been reading about our planet is actually tip of the iceberg and there’s lot more to discovered.

Note: This is purely based on my research and a few conjectures . This is not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments . Please feel free to leave your comments and opinions about this article.

~ Anand









Author: anandwritess

I am a researcher and love to read about ancient civilisations , history and bring out my own interpretations collaborating facts and opinions from different sources.

2 thoughts on “The Land Of Rutas / Kumari Kandam / Mu / Lemuria existed in the Indian Ocean”

  1. It seems the roman catholic church and this whole religion is sun worship
    It was said there was a war between lunar and solar underatanding hemce why indian astrology is lunar and western solar
    Meaning western solar from sun to earth observation
    Lunar from earth to stars observations in astrologic calculations
    It seems there was a great war between them involving magic amd this sunk and devastated much of earth creating the ring of fire
    Due tp the highly advanced race understanding of this relm they begun to manipulate creation causing time loop interference
    Meaning our understanding of our time line has been played with qith deliberate removal of history and changes of how we see time and also they changed the dates amd how they are etc
    The knowledge of earth was a highly advanced science which is using ghe alchemy and hidden essemce od this planet and who we are
    I believe because of this this is how all prophet’s are connected tp the group they took thw ancient *made it occult* then had the concept that the highly advanced race was not human
    Hence the propaganda of religion and why we can see the hidden thread across all religions
    It was tp make the highly advanced race fallen angels and condemn them for their manipulation of earth
    In the meantime
    They were the ones that caused the war killed millions wiped the rwst in confusion fear and torchure massacred the pagans
    Sides switch going to the enemie**
    They continued in secrete guiding the people
    Now it is said that not all races lived as them
    That this earth incarnated beings due to agreement of gods that was bwing from different planets and that came here to help
    Amger of course is involved
    Trying to teaxh and being told your evil and its funny how science is now teaching what they explained all that time ago
    Anyways it was all part of a bigger plan to educate the masses
    But it was also a war
    The mayan calender was correct just is really confusing how
    We are entering a period where we are not stuck in time periods and things will shift a mutual understanding will establish


    1. This is indeed a revealeation . Have been thinking on these lines for quite a few years . Agree on some of your words…some are far fetched to believe but possible


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